Refund Policy


Management of the system requires huge of investment. We, therefore, do not offer a refund for small downtime and minor difficulties.

If you are unable to sell your products on Facebook despite advertising it, do you demand a refund from Facebook? If you obtain a year’s worth of domain name and hosting but not get around to using it, do you receive a refund from GoDaddy? If you establish a store on Shopify but do not include any products or run any ads, but continue to the subscription for six weeks, will you a refund from Shopify for the six weeks subscription?

The same rules apply to Group Buy Services Service. We put up offers, allow you to purchase it at your own will, give you access to all and thus complete our expert services. It, therefore, does not make you eligible to demand a refund from us.

It’s usually a sharing service for the collection purchase of resources. This is generally a sharing service for group purchase of tools. The nature of this service is therefore in contrast to that of others. Maintaining an uptime with our solutions poses a whole lot of difficulties but we strive to deliver our very best.

This can be achieved with the sole intention of creating our customers our loyal customers for life. If you encounter any hitch in our services, kindly notify us via support so that we can rectify the issue immediately.

If any tool isn’t working, please submit a support request. In the event of any device whose privileges have been suspended by the support supplier, it will take approximately 48 hours for us to reactivate that tools.

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